Aquaculture Center

Fish Farming in Dakota City, NE

Cardinal Farms is a family-run farming business specializing in growing and producing fresh produce and fish. Serving Dakota City, NE and surrounding areas since 2003, our local farm includes a hydroponic greenhouse and an aquaculture facility, which was established in 2013.

As an aquaculture producer, Cardinal Farms seeks to raise a healthy seafood product while minimizing our environmental impact.Raising fish on our farm allows us to relieve pressure on threatened wild populations, giving the conservation efforts on those populations more opportunity to succeed. With a minimal ecological footprint, aquaculture is just another venture we have taken on in order to remain environmentally friendly.

Our aquaculture stock includes

We are currently restarting our facility and look forward to providing quality seafood soon. More updates to follow!

To learn more about the fish farming process or our seasonal produce available for purchase, give us a call today at 402.494.2671. We also offer guided tours of our farm!